Thursday, October 09, 2008

We're #2!

ITEM: The votes are in at's BayList Best of the Bay Area voting and I'm happy to report that Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff came in at #2.

Big congratulations to the first-place vote getter, Comic Outpost in San Francisco--- a very cool shop and they do deserve recognition for the work they've done in The City.

I'm actually OK with placing #2... because it gives us more incentive to work harder to make Flying Colors even better than it already is.

In case you didn't know, Flying Colors is now emailing our store newsletter via Constant Contact. Each newsletter also features an exclusive offer, so it's worth a read.

To be included on the list for the Flying Colors "In-Frequent E-Flyer", please email us at to let us know you'd like to be added. (Put "FlyCo Flyer" in the subject line.)

Uh, really, they're emails, but "letters" sounds so much more important--- and that's the way we treat every comment we get from our Flying Colors Faithful.

Here's a couple of recent comments:
I think it would be nice if there was a bench or couple of chairs in the store for the significant others, parents or spouses to sit at while our "kids" shopped.

Love your in-frequent e-flyer!

Thanks for the idea. I actually tried to plan some reading space into the new design of the store but ran out of room because we just love to have a wide and deep selection of comics, graphic novels and other cool stuff. But don't give up hope! You never can tell when I'll spring more changes on you!

Hi Joe!

I moved away from the San Francisco Bay Area last summer but I still get your e-mail newsletters.

Here's what I miss about Flying Colors Comics:

* The incredible selection! You guys pretty much have every comic printed under the sun, every week.
* And you have plenty of the recent issues on hand too! That way if I didn't show up early every Wednesday to get the comics I wanted, I knew I could swing by any day at any time and find what I was looking for.
* Your dedication to comics. You're not a Collectible card cames store, or a miniatures game store, or a role playing game store nor do you sell medieval weaponry. You sell comics, and that is what you focus on.
* Flying Colors is a clean, bright and vibrant store. There's no nerd stench!
* Flying Colors is family friendly. You've got the kids comics right up front. My wife always felt comfortable coming in because there's no giant posters of Vampirella, Witchblade or some other half naked chick hanging on the walls.
* The friendly staff. I never felt like I was breaking up Comicdom's inner circle. And the staff wears logo shirts. You don't have to be a store regular to know who staff is.

Well, that's what I loved about Flying Colors Comics. It's the greatest comic store in America and I wish every city could have a comic store that's just as good.

Thanks for the great year of service while I lived in the Bay Area.

Man, that was nice to hear! Thanks for the kind comments. And please remember to visit when come back to the Bay Area.

One of the things I've noticed here is that Flying Colors has become a traditional visit for a lot of out-of-towners. Some come here to visit family once or twice a year and make it a point to stop by Flying Colors. Grand-parents coming in with their kids and grand-kids from out of state, friends bringing friends in to show them their favorite comic shop. Believe me, I appreciate everyone who goes to the effort of making a trip to Flying Colors a special experience and a fun time out for family and friends.

Thank you--- for twenty years of being able to stay in business and to serve you. It really is our pleasure!




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