Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year---

and, a day late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Stan "the Man" Lee!

Stan had his 84th birthday yesterday---so it was a case of great timing when Mark Parsons (the first FlyCo staffer back in October '88) sent me this link to featuring Stan Lee as a guest on the old TV game show "To Tell the Truth"!

Check this out!

Happy Birthday, Stan---and Happy New Year to everyone!

Hours for New Years' WeeK:
Sunday 12/31/06--- 12pm-5pm
Monday 1/1/07--- CLOSED
Tuesday 1/2/07---11am-7pm
Wednesday 1/3/07--- 11am-7pm
Thursday 1/4/07--- 11am-8pm (NEW RELEASES DAY for this week!)
Friday 1/5/07--- 11am-7pm

Thanks for making 2006 the best ever here at FLYING COLORS!




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